WINMAX Gym Equipment Adjustable 10KG to 40KG Strength Fitness Forearm Workout Exerciser Training Heavy Hand Grip

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WINMAX WMF55072 Adjustable 10KG to 40KG Training Heavy Hand Grip


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The role of grip and method of use:

Grip under the hand of the shape and design, using time division one hand , hands , hold on , hold down double clip , such as different training methods. With a small and light, easy to carry , when used without any restrictions , ready to exercise your hand strength , relieve fatigue , the use of muscles, strong muscles, increase blood circulation, long-term use in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and other help, exercise fitness is an essential small equipment .

Using grip strength workout should note the following:
1 , the action points: Do not move the arm , shoulders tighten , pinky ring finger middle finger force, to the limits of grip relaxed immediately clenched pause for 3 seconds
2 , the number of about 1000 each day , the morning and evening for the evening after eight best not to do it, otherwise it will cause autonomic nervous system disorders , affecting the body \'s biological clock rule .
3 , each training session should have a certain order , first prepare activities must take each joint motion to open , a small amount of sweat as well. Then a formal motion .
4 , a scientific method of fitness , learn some fitness knowledge , preferably with experience Ge were carried out under the guidance of a fitness trainer .
5 , just started using home fitness equipment, exercise , it is best to do what, should be gradual .
6 , if you find equipment are worn out screws, rust and other issues, should be promptly repaired or replaced , to ensure that the various equipment is always in good condition.

Grip strength is a measure of the health of a key indicator of the sensitivity of the hand coordination is a manifestation of the nervous system , so there is " ingenuity " argument. Grip strength exercise, both physical training , and mental training , should be promoted.











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